Ancient Pompeii App

To experience the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, read, listen to and deepen its culture and its fantastic history!

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Innovative features

  • Focus on history and culture
  • Texts written by experts
  • Integrated Audio Guide
  • Maps and information for you
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Multi-device App

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Useful suggestions

  • Push Notification
  • Point of Interest on map
  • Book Shop
  • Refreshment areas
  • Public Utility
  • and soon where you can sleep, eat ...
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Into The Net Srl

Company based in Rome that provides software development and media communication. The principal mission of Into The Net is to introduce technological innovation for the culture and for the information.

L'Erma di Bretschneider

Publisher and bookstore specialized in art, antiquity and archeology based in Rome since 1896. The name is an acronym of Libreria Editrice Romana Monumenti e Arte.


Discover the myth,
Experience the true life of Ancient Pompeii